What I've Learned from Introverts

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I AM A PEOPLE PERSON. I have been since I was a very little girl. People have never really scared me. I have a pretty easy time starting conversations with people even if I don’t know them that well. But, several people who I am close to are as introvereted as it gets.

I love them to pieces even if I have to pull the conversation out of them at times. The introverts in my life have taught me some very valuable lessons about the art of listening and how valuable our words are.

I’ve learned that introverts are expert listeners. I’m convinced some of them can hear things that you don’t even say. I’m not saying this is across the board, but I would say that 90% of the time extroverts are not the best listeners. I know for me I do a whole lot of talking and not a whole lot of listening. I saw a quote recently that said something along this line:

We can’t learn anything from talking.

I know for me that quote could not be more true. So this is my challenge to all my fellow extroverts. Let’s take a lesson from the introverts in our lives and work on listening a little more.

The second very important lesson that introverts have taught me is the value of the words we speak. If you know my sister you probably know she really doesn’t have a lot to say, but when she does say something it’s gonna be good so you better listen up. Her words are few, but they hold so much value because she puts thought into what she is saying.

Do we as extroverts speak so much that the words we say are lessening in value? Do we use words as fillers to make things less awkward while not weighing their true value? The words we say mean so much, and I know I want to do better at striving to not throw them around.

I’m so glad God made us all with different personalities. I have so enjoyed reading the articles from people on two opposite sides of the personality spectrum. If all the world was made up of extroverts, no one would ever get a word in edge wise. And if the whole world was made up of introverts, we would be able to hear crickets 24/7. God knew that, and I am so glad that He put the right amount of each personality and He even made some that are a mixture of the two. Ladies, let’s strive to learn from those that are different from us.

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