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Living a Life that Worships

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WHAT IS WORSHIP? Worship has been defined as “the feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for a deity.” In my own personal experience worship is living a life that glorifies God and then in turn develops into these beautiful moments where God comes and ministers to your heart in such a direct way.

Worship can also be described as those times where we praise God and testify inward and outwardly about what He has been doing in our lives. It is those sweet little moments where your spirit is refreshed and your heart is blessed.

Why should worship be important in the life of a Christian young woman? First, it builds up your relationship with God and brings you closer to Him. We as young women live in a world where relationships are taken lightly and often times tossed in the “it doesn’t matter” bin. In pursuing a heart that worships it can become easier to step away from that mindset, and into one that realizes building strong relationships does matter especially when it comes to God. Second, it is a big way for us to grow spiritually. Taking time to praise and thank God not only gives Him the glory that is due, but it is such a heart refresher. Finally, it is a God-given reminder that He is still faithful.

You may be wondering what are some ways to worship? Honestly, it is different for everyone, but a few ways that I like to worship are through music, prayer and my personal devotion time. Music is a very powerful tool in worship. It often is the main thing that stirs one’s heart. The other day I was listening to a song that ministered to my heart and I began to praise God right there in my very own room. Prayer and personal devotion time are so important when it comes to worship because it gives us one-on-one time with God. Having a thankful heart and letting God know just what you are thankful for is great worship tool. Digging into to God’s word and finding verses that relate to you personally can be another way to worship. Find the one that works for you and keep a journal of how God ministers to your heart.

Prayer and personal devotion time are so important when it comes to worship because it gives us one-on-one time with God.

People also tend to have the wrong idea that worship is solely for in church and no where else. That is most certainly not true! You can worship in your room, car, as you walk the dog, clean, and the list goes on. I recently discovered for myself that I can worship God wherever I am. Please don’t get me wrong. I love the sacredness of worshiping in the Lord’s house and the fact that we are privileged to do so, but I also love that we are not just limited to one single place or time. Just recently I realized there really isn’t a designated time for it, but it can be felt or done anywhere. For example I was taking a walk after church this evening and I just felt this particular urge to praise God, and so I did! Right there on the sidewalk I began to just tell God how thankful I am for Him and what He has been doing in my life. Other times I have been in the car, sitting in a class and etc.

Worship is not under a certain limit and a beautiful example of this can be found in Acts 16:25. Paul and Silas had been thrown in prison and any ordinary person would have been grumbling and complaining about it especially since they did nothing wrong. Instead of the two men throwing a fit about their situation, the Bible says Paul and Silas began to worship the Lord through prayer and singing. If they could worship God in prison, then we have no excuse to not worship God wherever we are.

I realize that there are times where we don’t feel like we can worship. Maybe we have had a rough day, are stressed out, burdened, tired or just have a lot going on. As a 19-year-old freshman in college, I understand and have had quite a few of those days. There was one particular day where I was majorly stressed out. I had quite a few papers to write, classes to get to and my regular job to do plus a few extra things. By the time evening came which is normally my time to unwind from the day I was worn out. It can be hard to take time to spend with the Lord when you feel tired and stressed, but one way I have found to combat that feeling is by taking a few minutes to think about what God has been recently doing in your life. The devil wants nothing more than for us to be too weary to set aside time for God. He realizes that when we become tired/stressed we are most likely at our weakest points. In my life personally I have set a certain time of the day where I take however long I need to worship/spend time with God. In setting aside that 15-30 minutes, I don’t have to feel rushed or tired when it comes to spending that time with God. It has helped me greatly and if that is something you are struggling with, I suggest trying that out and see if it works for you.

The devil wants nothing more than for us to be too weary to set aside time for God.

Last, what does it truly mean for a Christian young woman to live a life of worship in today’s world? Proverbs 31 is a great example of what it means for a godly woman to live a life of worship. When we live a life of worship, verse 10 says our worth will be “far above rubies.” Verses 25 and 26 say “Strength and honor are her clothing… She opens her mouth with wisdom, and on her tongue is the law of kindness.” A woman who worships is one who is kind, wise, full of strength and honor. No, we aren’t perfect, but if we follow what that chapter has to say it will surely serve as a guide to becoming women after God’s own heart. Worship must come from the heart and it is truly lived out through a life of surrender to God. As young women we face a lot of challenging things from relationship struggles, personal struggles, peer pressure, family struggles, and simply put, life in general. These things can be difficult to sort through and can often times leave us feeling defeated, empty and alone. It is in those lonely moments where having a heart that worships can be tough.

So what do we do when we are feeling this way? How can we get through and still have a heart of worship? Esther, Ruth, Mary, and Hannah are beautiful examples of how to come out on the other side still praising the Lord. All four of these ladies have two things in common:  “Praise through Pain.” For instance Ruth lost her husband and moved to a land she knew nothing about yet she praised God for how He blessed her. Esther ended up being married off to a king and then almost having her entire race of people wiped out and once again came out praising God. Hannah couldn’t have children for the longest time; she was heartbroken until one day she prayed and God gave her a son. Like the others she praised the Lord and even gave her son back to Him. Finally, Mary the mother of Jesus, we know her story very well; just a young girl most likely around yours and my age finding out she was going to have a baby only to find out that this precious little one she loved so much would one day end up dying on a cruel cross to bring salvation for us. She still blessed the Lord and praised Him for allowing her to be chosen to bear His son.

Esther, Ruth, Mary, and Hannah are beautiful examples of how to come out on the other side still praising the Lord. All four of these ladies have two things in common:  “Praise through Pain.”

Through the lives and testimonies of these women we can find strength and encouragement to realize that we too, no matter what, can come out on the other side still praising the Lord. Yes, living a life of worship is most certainly rewarding. It not only makes us better women, but it draws us closer to Jesus and helps to keep us grounded firmly in Him. A woman who purposes to have a heart of worship not only reflects the beauty of Jesus, but she then becomes a shining example to others and her worth is “far above rubies.”

Robin Palmer

Thank you to Robin Palmer for writing this article.

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