Would I Have Worshiped?

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HAVE YOU EVER read a story in the Bible and thought about what you would do if you had been there? Maybe I’m just crazy but I love to imagine what it would have been like to have seen Jesus heal lepers or walk on water!

I think of Old Testament stories too, like when the Ark finally came to rest or witnessing the mighty walls of Jericho crashing down. How would it have felt to have been one of those Israelites that gave the final victory shout? How about watching Goliath fall dead after being struck by a pebble? Did the ground shake as his giant body hit? What would it have been like to be a servant who observed the Last Supper?

I think about stories like Jesus’ Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem. I wonder if I would have been one to lay down my coat and wave a palm branch as I cried “Hosanna!” I wonder how I would have reacted if I would have been one of the ten lepers. Would I have come back and said “thank you”? If presented with the chance to witness these miraculous acts, would I have worshiped Jesus?

Then I think about now. I go to church three times a week. I listen to worship music, read the Bible, and pray. I see God answer prayer all the time. Every mighty thunderstorm or magnificent sunset reminds me just how powerful and awesome He is. Yet do I worship?

In the past few years, I have really felt challenged to worship my Savior. Worship is shown in many forms, but could be defined as giving God praise through your actions and attitude. Whether that be raising your hand in church, singing during the day, giving to missions, or cooking a meal for someone in need, worship is acts that you do to give God glory. Like when Abraham was willing to sacrifice his own son, or when Paul and Silas sang in prison. It seems when it comes down to it, true worship is surrender. Surrender to God’s power, grace, mercy, love and majesty. Worship is saying, “God, you are so amazing and wonderful and I want to do everything I can to thank you for that and point others to you.”

I feel like I would have worshiped Jesus when He walked the earth, but how is now any different? Somehow it’s easy to sit through a whole church service and never truly worship God, yet I think if I lived in Bible times I would have worshiped more deeply than I do now. What makes then any different than now?

Of course I can’t see Jesus, but yet I can! I see Him in the kind smile of dear saints at church. I see His love through the scriptures. I hear of His commandments through the Pastor’s message. I know of His grace and mercy because of what He has done in my own life. Like the song says, “You ask me how I know He lives? He lives within my heart!” So in a way, I do see Him and that challenges me to worship now more than ever!

So do you relate? Do you think you would have worshiped Jesus like Mary or David, but yet don’t worship Him as freely now? I challenge you to purpose to worship NOW! Think about all the things God has done in your life! If you can’t come up with any, look around you! Look at the blessings you have!

Surrender to God’s overwhelming majesty and worship Him for all He is and all He has done for YOU. Let’s join our favorite Bible characters to bring praise to our God! The God of Abraham and Isaac, and you and me is worthy of our worship, which in reality is our surrender to showing just how incredible He is. Oh worship Him, Jesus Christ our Lord!

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